Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mindset for Multiple Streams of Income

Wealth Creation

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as written on its best-seller book with Mark Victor Hansen

I believe that I have the potential to create a great, enlightened fortune.

I believe that wealth creation is a code that I was destined to crack. It is a learnable, teachable, and easily transferable skill. It makes all other skills more valuable, useful, and profitable.

I believe that almost everyone has millions of potential dollars in them awaiting the requisite stimulus – the enlightened spark.

I believe that I have an abundance of enlightened million dollar ideas – seeds that can grow into fortunes. These seeds can sprout in the form of information, books, copyrights, products, services, inventions, licenses, plays, patents, songs, movies, franchises, TV shows, trademarks, processes, etc.

I believe that my richest harvest may arise not from seeds of obvious opportunity, but from seeds of adversity. When I resolve my personal life challenges, other will reward me for helping them pull the weeds from their own adversity gardens of hidden wealth.

I am coded with my DNA to solve and resolve an issue for my self and then to prosper with it by solving it for all others.

I believe that I have been given unique talents. By using my total talents at their highest and best levels I will be happier, healthier and more fulfilled now and my contributions will leave a lasting legacy.

I believe that enlightened profits are the just reward for serving greatly.

I believe that my time is best invested in creating residual income, where I work once and am paid infinitely.

I believe that my dream is more quickly realized by aligning myself with an enlightened team. As a team, we can create multiple streams of enlightened, residual income.

I believe my ultimate legacy is to become an enlightened, residual philanthropist dedicated to doing lasting good works of perpetual philanthropy.

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