A Plethora of Playlists for Every Mood

These are songs that will make you smile, think, not think, cry, rock out, meditate, dance, sing, and just be happy!

Playlist: "Old Faves"
Rock Tunes from Back in the Day :-)

Playlist: "Da Man"--Jan Laurenz.
If it is a Plucked/Hammered Instrument, This Guy Can Play it

Playlist: "Acoustic Favorites"
Unplugged, Laid Back and Chill

Playlist: "90's"
The Coolest of That Era

Playlist: "80's"
Mostly Metal, Hard rock, Glam and New Wave with a Few Ballads Thrown in

Playlist: "Favorite Females"
Some of the Most Kick-Ass Female Vocalists

Playlist: "Alternative"
To Me, Alternative Means "Hard to Categorize"

Playlist: "Guitar Gods"
Masters of the Guitar

Playlist: "Guitar Concertos"
Orchestra with Electric Guitar

Playlist: "Metal"

Playlist: "Funk/Soul/Hip-Hop/Rap"
Mixing it Up a Little

Playlist: "Jazz/Blues" 
The Best of the Best

Playlist: "Reggae/World"

Playlist: "Progressive"
Rush, Dream Theater, Alan Parsons, Queensryche, Yes, ELP (you get the idea)

Playlist: "Early 20th Century/Romantic Era"
Mostly Calming and Ethereal Debussy Type Tunes

Playlist: "Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic"
The Best of the Foundational Music Masters

Playlist: "Irish/Celtic"
From Paddy Punk to Clannad to Ancient Celtic, and Everything in Between

Playlist: "Meditation"
Good for Doing Homework or When You Don't Want to Think at All

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