Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Get Rid of the Anger in Your Life!

By Dana McClellan

The Effects of Anger

I don't like putting too much focus on the negative aspects of life, but we all need to have an understanding of what is "bad" in order to move forward into what's "good." If you are a person who is holding onto anger, resentment or some type of grudge, you need to know what it's doing to your body and your life. We all have this in us at one time or another. I've known some people who spend their whole miserable lives directing this immobilizing energy towards one single person. 

I think the term "immobilizing energy" (I just made that up by the way) is a good one because that's exactly what it is. Our thoughts and our energy remain fixed on that resentment, keeping us from seeing or acknowledging anything good that might be trying to make it's way towards us. It's a curse. A curse that we place on ourselves. When we are unable to see anything good in our lives, we are unable to move forward, thereby becoming immobilized. Make sense?

Not only that, but let's tackle the other part of it; where does all of that festering anger-energy end up? It's got to go somewhere. We're all very aware where it goes for those Type-A personalities aren't we? They are the door-slammers, plate-throwers and wife-beaters. Type-A's are known for their risk of heart-attack and high blood pressure, as well as higher incidents of external injury. What about the more passive Type-B personalities? These are the people who allow negative emotions to simmer over long periods of time, slowly eating away at the body from the inside. These are emotions that create bad habits and bad stress in the body. This bad stress is linked to a whole host of diseases weakening the immune system. Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, depression and chronic inflammation are just a few of the ailments caused by this type of stress. 

I don't think I need to site my sources here. If you are a human being living on this earth, you have been exposed to this information. NOW is the time to take head. If you want to learn more about how the body reacts to stress, just Google--stress and disease, effects of chronic inflammation or stress and cancer as keywords. There is a plethora of material out there, with a large percentage of it coming from reputable sources. 

Turning it Around 

Now that we've reacquainted ourselves with the ugly side of our negative emotions, how do we turn it around? I've written about it here on this blog in previous posts. We place ourselves into a setting that promotes giving, mindfulness and gratitude. I'm going to add one more thing and it's something that is covered in most of the major religions and philosophies; it's the act of taking our thoughts captive and bringing them into submission. It takes work. We can start out with the most debilitating of our thoughts and once we've gotten into the flow and built up our thought-capturing muscle, we will begin to apply it instinctively to all our negative thought-patterns.

It's pretty easy to see how this would release the flow of positive energy back into our lives isn't it? It's a basic principle. It's a biblical principle. It is a law of attraction.

3 things to put into practice NOW:

  • Forgive the person and the circumstance, then go to work on forgiving yourself.
  • Take the time to see where you may be of help to others. It will force your eyes off yourself and get you thinking from a better perspective. 
  • Practice the art of prayer, meditation or mindfulness (or all three). It's good for turning your thoughts around and making the important things more clear. 

One Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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