Sunday, March 10, 2013

Featured Photographer: Julieanna Davis Jablonski

Julieanna Davis Jablonski

By Dana McClellan

A little bit about my friend Julieanna, I've only known her for about a year and during that time I've noticed that she is NEVER without her camera, it's an extension of her body like an arm or a leg. I think it's obvious to everyone around her that she doesn't ever want to miss a photo opportunity. When you look at her work, you'll notice right away she is extremely talented at identifying what will make an interesting or beautiful picture. She has the ability to thrive under a variety of conditions and displays an impressive versatility in her work. She is truly an artist with that camera of hers.

As a person, Julieanna is a gentle, sweet and soft-spoken woman with a heart of gold. She goes out of her way to make people feel comfortable and welcome. Her and I co-organize a Meetup group called the "Beer Lovers of Fort Collins" and it was our love for handcrafted ales that initially brought us together as friends.

Here's a picture I took of her and her husband at a Beer Lovers event:
Julieanna and Jay

In Julieanna's Words

Over 25 years of photo taking experience. I absolutely love photography. It's been a passion of mine all my life. My Grandmother gave me my first camera, a Kodak 110, on my 9th birthday. In my teenage years I took thousands of pictures with 35mm point and shoots. I finally got a "real" camera, a film SLR, in my 20's. I began dabbling in digital photography in 1999. I now use Nikon DSLRs.

Photography isn't what I do as much as it's who I am, it's one of my great passions in life. I see pictures everywhere. I even take pictures in my dreams.

I specialize in action & portraits with a creative Photojournalistic/Creative editorial approach. I strive to capture emotion and meaning. I would be happy to cover your wedding, pregnancy, birth, birthday parties, reunion, charity, or other event. Portraits; including senior, family, head shots, pet and horse photos. Commercial; including but not limited to cars, real estate, auction, Ebay & Etsy photos. Action photos; Any Sport, kids sports, roller derby, horse riding, snowboarding, etc. I can follow you on my own snowboard, or wait for you next to a jump. I especially enjoy photographing medieval re-enactments.

Photos of mine were recently published in Dave Graham's Battle Gaming: The New American Sport, available on Amazon.

My kit includes a Nikon D700 & D300s, two external flash units, many different lenses, diffusers, and filters, low apertures for shallow depth of field, tools for artistic shots; Lensbaby, Fisheye, and colored gels. 

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Okay, Lets See Some Pictures Already!

It was super hard to choose among the many beautiful photos in her portfolios, so what I did was try to pick some that represented different categories and circumstances. 

Please click on the pictures to enlarge into a photo album
I happen to know she snapped this when President Obama visisted Colorado State University,
while she was shaking his hand.

Wedding Photos

Julieanna is offering a special on wedding packages! Go to her Facebook page for more info:

Or contact her via email:

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Thank you Julieanna, for giving me the opportunity to feature your work!

Love ya!