Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SHEL: The Amazingly Talented Band of Sisters Music


I'm blown away by these girls. I've seen sister acts playing music together, but these women take it to a whole new level. They are extremely talented and play a wide range of instruments. Their music is whimsical and airy, which makes me feel good when I listen to them. It's obvious they have a tremendous bond with one another and I imagine it must have been very entertaining growing up in their household--to say the least. 

As luck would have it, they reside in Fort Collins, Colorado, which is the same town I live in. I can't wait to go see them live :-)

They've got a beautiful website at:



SHEL has delivered one of the most impressive debuts of the year…Chris Douridas –KCRW/Los Angeles
SHEL performs with the precision of a heat seeking missile.Paul Kennerley, Award-winning Songwriter
My emerging artist pick for 2011. SHEL’s synergy is infectious…
the future of music is in good hands.Jim Gillespie, Blissfest Music Organization

SHEL is Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza, four classically trained musicians who happen to be sisters. From the artist colony of Fort Collins, Colorado, SHEL is sophisticated and youthful, emotional and lighthearted, classic and eccentric. SHEL’s engaging live show is marked with a prodigy’s creativity and a veteran’s instinct for entertaining. Audiences delight with their unique songwriting style and fresh, new sound.

The Holbrook sisters grew up in a musical household and first appeared on the stage backing their singer-songwriter father, Andrew Holbrook. In 2005, the girls collaborated to form SHEL and now play and write all of their own music. Their new EP, “ When the Dragon Came Down,” was co-produced by SHEL and six-time Grammy award-winner, Brent Maher. The band has attracted the attention of such major media outlets as NPR’s “eTown Live,” and; toured nationwide playing fairs and festivals including South by Southwest, International Folk Alliance, Lilith Fair, Four Corners Folk Festival and Cornerstone; and had one of their songs featured in Glade’s Scented Oil Candles national TV ad campaign.

Sarah, 19 (Violin, Bass) - Immensely gifted as a violinist and vocalist, Sarah also shines with her bass chops. Highly creative, Sarah’s diverse artistic talents have lead her to be the primary designer of SHEL’s original graphics and videography. She is also the undisputed ambassador of fun at every show.

Hannah, 22 (Piano, Keyboards) An award-winning young composer and pianist, Hannah also sings and helps arrange SHEL’s unique vocal harmonies. Hannah has been studying at Colorado State University for the past three years where she’s concentrated on piano performance and composition.

Eva, 20 (Mandolin, Electric Mandolin, Cello) Lead vocalist and one of the band’s primary writers, Eva’s passion and talent for playing both acoustic and electric mandolin has received widespread recognition. Involved in every phase of arranging and production, Eva records much of the band’s tracks in their home studio.

Liza, 16 (Drums, Percussion) - Liza’s natural polyrhythmic ability was spotted at an early age. Not only is she the drummer for the band, Liza is equally proficient on the Djembe and Roland Hand Sonic drum. Her creative approach to percussion enables her to create the unique rhythm patterns that help define SHEL’s music.

Biography section taken in it's entirety from: 
SHEL's Website

More Cool Videos of the Girls

You will find touring info on their website here:

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